The AXA Insurance Advertisement is Very Wrong

The AXA advertisements "Born to Protect" ( about how it was able to process a claim for a consumer who had a car accident even before the consumer file a claim had been going on for quite awhile.

Everyday I pass in front of Time Square in Causeway Bay, the most expensive piece of real states in Hong Kong, I saw it.

If your story does not WOW, or Ops, or OMG

Or there is not enough time for your to tell a WOW/OPS/OMG story.

... ...

One Day, I stopped to watch it.

And I am confused.

A list of question comes across my mind:

How comes the newspaper is faster than the client?

How much percentage of these accident is covered by a newspaper?

How much is the possibility that an agent happen to read this piece of news and s/he is also the person in charge of the client account?

All in all, what is the odds that such a story is true?

And to a UX person, how the target customer can possibility associate the story with themselves, or quickly understand the message it is trying to convey.

I don’t think they can.

Because the case is too strange and rare to allow them to make a connection.

Well, who cares about talking a common case?


I had a car accident, i take 3 photos of the damaged parts of my car, a AXA staff looks at my photos, i get the money in my account to fix the car.

That is boring.

Well, you know.





Tell a realistic story.

Know your customers and what their concerns are.

Tell them how you can solve them.

Be boring is okay.

It is better than be irrelevant.

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