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No, I don't want to Snooze

I get up at 6:30AM.

I set the alarm at 6:15AM because I like to wake up a bit early and enjoy some lazy time in the bed.

Come On, you know what I mean.

And when the alarm snooze again around the correct time, I am off to shower.

I could hear my alarm keep ringing.

And it keep ringing as I get dressed.

Again., I pressed “Snooze” instead of stop.

I can’t find it.

It almost feel like Apple does not want us to wake up.

Just keep snoozing~~~

There was a time that times were easier.

I can find the big line of text “Slide to stop alarm”. I swipe and I turn it off.

There must be a lot of people who accidentally hit the stop button when they have meant to snooze it.

The question is, is it the correct solution for the problem to make the Stop button “unstoppable”.

Or is it just make it slide to snooze and tap to stop.

And it is even to ask users to turn the different ways and configure the best way they want.

Too complicated?

Let’s make it all tap (after all, we just to “Tap” on our real alarm) and add a warning voice, if the snooze keep on, have a voice telling the users that it will be stopped in X minutes.

Can the phone analyze users behavior and optimize the time?

Deloitte’s July 2015 article, Making it personal - 1 in 3 consumers wants personalized product (, talked about the growing need for product customization.36% of the respondents are interested in personalized products; younger generation is more interested in personalization than the older ones.

Focus group will become less relevant, it still is, but the objective has to expand and include understanding the outliner.

As we all shift to become the outliner.

And it can be the alarm clock.

After all,

If we can’t get up.

What about the rest.

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