It is Just a Lift

I admit, before today, I thought I knew how to press a button in the lift.

From today onward, I guess I have to keep an open mind on this as well.

I was alone in the lift.

And I want to press "Close".

I can't find it.


There is a U, NS, and a D.

There is no C.

There is the Open Door.

Which is the most obvious and also the useless button.

If I need to hold for somebody, I hold the door.

If there is a problem about the lift, press “Open door” will never open the door.

… ...


First things first.

Why there are 3 buttons where there should be 1, which is close; or maximum 2, where there is another for alarm (of course, it is better to put it on a different place to make it more intuitive, and in different colour and shape so that users do not confuse it with other things; but those are clearly too much to ask). 

I have to find out.

Not from Google through.

But it suggested that NS can mean:

I am “Not Sure".

I guess I will have to ask the security guard next time.

After all, it is “Not Specified” anywhere.

What bothered me so much.

Is the fact that it violates the basic design principle.

Don't let me think.

It actually manage to make me think so much that I want to find it out.

Bt I can't even find it out.

It is “Not Supported” by Google.

Perhaps it is related to “National Security”, that will make more sense.

There is nothing more that is needed besides the numbers, Open, Close and emergency.

It is a lift.

It goes up and down.

It does not go “North and South”.

I know there is many complicated things in life.

Let’s make pressing the button in the lift simple. 

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