Draw Account Icons with Illustrator







I’ve learnt several things from the above videos:

I learnt to draw the shapes out in an abstract way. When creating an icon, only those that made up to the top list of most prominent shapes and features will become part of the icon. For example, a person’s face, the most obvious features are probably glasses, nose, eyes, mouth, hair style, mole, freckles, and pimple. For a Zembra, its face and the black-white stripes. You can always upload an image or a sketch and draw along the line.

I learnt to use pathfinder, 
  • Add To Shape Area Adds the area of the component to the underlying geometry.
  • Subtract from Shape Area Cuts out the area of the component from the underlying geometry.
  • Intersect Shape Areas Uses the area of the component to clip the underlying geometry as a mask would.
  • Exclude Overlapping Shape AreasUses the area of the component to invert the underlying geometry, turning filled regions into holes and vice versa.

I learnt to draw a shape for flat UI
It really depend on yourself about where you plan to have the light shine down from. The most popular ones seems to be from left top (45 degrees) to right button and from right top (45 degrees) to left button

learnt the process of creating an icon based on a real product
First it is to identify the most distinguish features of an item. Then it os to draw a sketch on it and upload to illustrator, if it is symmetrical i can draw only half and the copy-pause the other half. Then it is to color all component while make sure the features stand out.

Drawing icons are a lot easier than I expected, of course, if I know what to draw, while some other account icons such as address, notification etc can be difficult to create.

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