10 Tips to Reduce Your Blog Writing Time and Improve Traffic

My past week was focusing on what there should be done to change mass consumer behavior. It was an amazing journey as how it all came together so naturally yet so intense to give me new insights into how we can all become a better social marketer. In this article, I will show you the simple model I learnt on how to change mass consumer behavior; an real example on how Connor Fanta manage to gather millions of fans and finally, what can you do to start making your social marketing more effective.

I finished the book “Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature“, 360 pages is not a small number but it is absolutely a masterpiece. 

Published in 2009, the book still ring true to marketing and shed new lights into my product management thinking: how to make the product not only great to use but also interactive and interesting for the community. It changes my idea of how I will be supporting my marketing team as I can more effectively conceptualize the interaction they are trying to create and design the product in ways to facilitate that.

In short, the whole book can be summarized in 90 words:

“ We are social by design. Nevertheless, the mass behavior follows a different mechanism comparing to individual behavior, so it is almost pointless to ask individuals to understand what the crowd will behave. 

It matters more what consumers say to each other than what you say to them. It matters nothing that a person admit they are persuaded or not by your communication. It matters if your message creates energy, talk-ability, interaction. And it has to be authentic, interesting, collaborative. 

Then you let it go and you react to the wave.”

To summarize a book of nearly 400 pages to 90 words definitely take away most of the joy of reading it. All the interesting cases, advertisements it talked about, you will have to read them yourself. But if you are only after the “Dry Goods” (the translation of the Chinese words used to describe the very essence of a product). It is more than enough.

My takeaway from that is: you gonna have something, not words, but actions. And you will get them on the market or simple putting them on the shelf. And you create something interesting or useful around it and spread them out, Facebook, Youtube, Wechat, Instgram, Press Release, find a way to show it off on any channel. Then you sit back and observe the crowd, spot behaviors that generates more positive feedback, and work with that individual or team to create even more repo. 

Inspired, I ventured more into how I can improve what I am doing: blogging. For you my friend, I have summarized here all I learnt from reading 30+ classic articles that have been credited as useful by several sources. If you are in a hurry, just take my learnings and you can implement them right away to improve your site traffic. If you are interested in any particular point, you can click on the link to read the full article yourself.

Takeaway 1: Generate a List of Potential Topics based on posts in your area that have achieved great number of shares and views; because we have similar audience, then my topics may likely also do well; You too can go through the same process of coming up with content ideas. All you have to do is find good titles other bloggers are using and replace a word or two to make them unique;

Takeaway 2: Create an Outline by writing the introduction and conclusion and some main points you want to cover; the introduction shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs and it should tell the readers what they are going to learn as well as be persuasive enough to convince them to read the rest of the post; the conclusion should reiterate what your reader have learnt so if they decide to skim, they can at least grasp the content by just reading the conclusions;

Takeaway 3: Keep the Post Short and Personal, both of which makes i easier for the reader to finish the post; ideally, a post should not be more than 1,500 words if you would like your readers to comfortably finish reading it;

Takeaway 4: Start Small and Ask for Feedback: everything you create needs to deliver value, and the only we you can verify it the things you are creating generates value is to ask people’s opinion on them; and you will ASK! you will ASK AGAIN! And Keep ASKING!

Takeaway 5: Test Different Ways and See Which Works Better: just keep A/B testing and observe the result, test two titles, two way of laying out the pictures, two conclusions, test anything and see how it works out;

Takeaway 6: Be Creative and Be Funny: OMG that is important (that’s why I am drinking wine when I write this); nobody have to read my serious blog article; and I actually sincerely want to make it easy and fun for you to read my article, so be creative, tell a story, make a joke or funny faces;

Takeaway 7: You are Awesome: you are amazing my friend, you are fantastic; you were this far to read the article and you are going to make some great change to what you are working, did you realize how wonderful it is?

Takeaway 8: Interact at the Best Timing: tweets receive the most clicks in early morning (5AM in HK); ; evenings are for favorites and retweets; Facebook posts are most effective on Thursday onwards, good on weekend as well; emails sent at 3-5PM related to financial, real-state and others things to improve their current situation is well-received (Oh God, let there be 3PM); blog posts are read mostly in the morning; 

Takeaway 9: Believe in the Power of Organic Search, Send Up Google analytics and Start Tracking: send key words conversion tracking campaign and refine the search term based on the "Search Term” report; fine the No.2-15 keywords that sends and start tweaking to improve your ranking on these key words;

Takeaway 10: Do not Include Everything: research that does not help prove the point should not be shown in there article, it wastes your time to write it and the readers get confused or carried away with it.

I hope you will find some of these tips useful. Are you trying some of them out, what do you find to be working or not working for your blog? What other tactics did you use that you want to share to use? Let me know what you think.

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